The repair, maintenance and optimisation of the electrical machines in hydropower plants and hydropower systems in Germany and abroad have been areas of expertise for us for decades.


We can service, replace the laminated cores and rewind large, slow hydropower generators. These generators, some of which are over 50 years old, are very heavy and large and require a great deal of experience. Thanks to the large number of generators we have previously worked on from a broad range of manufacturers, we have the expertise to handle even complex projects quickly and successfully.

By maintaining and repairing old systems, valuable resources are protected and undesired emissions are prevented. In addition, a partial replacement of the generators can increase the efficiency of the system and therefore the profitability of the power plant. This extends the lifespan of the generator and promotes renewable energies.


Reparatur der elektrischen Maschinen von Wasserkraftwerken und Wasserkraftanlagen | AMServ
Instandhaltung der elektrischen Maschinen von Wasserkraftwerken und Wasserkraftanlagen | AMServ
Optimierung der elektrischen Maschinen von Wasserkraftwerken und Wasserkraftanlagen | AMServ


Our scope of services

Condition-Based MAINTENANCE

  • We carry out comprehensive inspections of winding parts for cracks, discolouration, distortion, friction parts and loose parts, as well as on the rotor and the exciter.
  • We check the leads for porous and brittle insulation.
  • We carry out an assessment of the collector in terms of run-out, irregularities and general condition.
  • If present, we inspect the water cooler for leaks and assess the general condition.
  • For sleeve bearing machines, we check the dimensional accuracy, general condition and contact pattern. All findings are documented in full.


  • Insulation resistance measurement
  • Polarisation index (PI)
  • Dielectric absorption ratio (DAR)
  • Dielectric discharge (DD)
  • Dissipation factor measurement (tan φ)
  • Partial discharge measurement
  • Video endoscopy
  • Infrared thermography
  • Condition Monitoring

The following types of damage, amongst others, can be diagnosed on all rotating electrical machines:

    • Imbalance / misalignment
    • Field asymmetries on the rotor and stator
    • Coupling damage
    • Evaluation of the rolling bearings




Service for rotating electrical machines

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