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steel industry

Steel is essential for our society. The steel industry is particularly important in the value creation chain and is the backbone of the German national economy.

Requirements being made of the steel manufacturers are becoming increasingly demanding. Automobile manufacturers are increasingly expecting steel components to be lighter and lighter, whilst being stronger at the same time. Ongoing development with high quality standards is necessary. Motors are used in the steel industry in an extremely broad range of applications.

As a partner in the steel industry, we work hard to ensure that these motors continue to function well and ensure that the drive machines of the wire rod mill continue to work throughout all stages of the production process, whether it be the drive for the roughing train, the shearing process, the finishing block, the rod ends or the reel. Whether we are working with rolling mills, continuous casting or roller tables, all motors need to be serviced and maintained reliably.

(Bildmotive: Quelle Saarstahl AG)


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