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repair, maintenance and overhaul of generators

We are your flexible and reliable partner for the overhaul and maintenance of generators of various types and manufacturers thanks to over 60 years of experience.

At our repair facilities, our highly-qualified employees provide you with a comprehensive service package for your generators.

Our expertise includes asynchronous and synchronous generators that are operated on the low voltage network or high voltage network. Whether you are working with slow hydropower generators or steam-driven turbo generators, we will provide you with support thanks to our modern testing and repair methods.

We are also happy to provide you with support in modernising generators with efficiency improvements using new laminated cores and rewindings with contemporary insulation technology on the low voltage network and high voltage network.

our range of services:

  • Root cause analysis

  • On-site changes

  • Cleaning of windings (on-site too)

  • Over-revving collectors and collector rings (on-site too)

  • Replacement of the brush holder and carbon brushes

  • On-site partial repairs for windings

  • Rewinding for all kinds of low voltage generators

  • Rewinding for high voltage generators with modern VPI or traditional resin-rich technology

  • Rewinding for high voltage generators with bar windings or Roebel bar windings

  • Replacement of laminated cores

  • Replacement of collector rings

  • Modernisation and renovation of magnet wheels

  • Bearing replacement



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