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conventional energy production

In the field of conventional power plants we are your reliable and trustworthy partner for analysing the condition of, maintaining and repairing motors and generators. For many years, we have been working at a very broad range of power plants from nuclear energy, to coal-fired power stations, gas power stations and industrial power stations and we have the skills to look after all kinds of motors and generators.

Thanks to intensive training sessions and many years of experience, our employees are familiar with all types of drive system, from induced draught systems to feed water pumps and can carry out inspections from emergency generators to air-cooled turbo generators.

Thanks to our modern diagnostics, we provide you with a comprehensive service from mechanical to electrical tests on motors and generators.

Thanks to our manufacturer-independent experience with a number of motors and generators, we are able to support you with problems or faults at any time too.

our scope of services

  • Condition Assessment

  • Alignment control and re-alignment of machinery trains

  • On-site changes

  • Cleaning of windings (also on-site)

  • Replacement of the brush holder and carbon brushes

  • On-site part repairs for coils

  • Rewinding for all kinds of low voltage motors and generators

  • Rewinding for high voltage motors and generators with modern VPI or traditional resin-rich technology

  • Rewinding for high voltage generators with bar windings or Roebel bar windings

  • Replacement of laminated cores

  • Modernisation and renovation of cogwheels

  • Bearing checks and replacement


Service for rotating
electrical machines