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new motors/generators

In addition to overhaul and repair services for electrical machines, we also provide our customers with new low or high voltage motors for new systems or as a replacement for existing systems.

Our goal is to provide you with a flexible, fast and cost-effective solution at any time. We are able to make use of the motor inventories stocked by a broad range of suppliers and manufacturers in order to keep delivery times as fast as possible.

our scope of delivery includes:

  • Low voltage motors in all sizes and designs

  • High voltage motors in all sizes and designs

  • Generators as standard designs or with modifications and retrofitting

  • High-tech synchronous reluctance motors and generators

If your application requires a special motor or motor with special accessories, we can adapt this in our workshops quickly and easily for you.

Brakes, incremental encoders and other modifications and fixtures are included in our scope of delivery.


Service for rotating
electrical machines